Valency Commemorative Trip

The service was part of a special commemorative trip marking the 75th anniversary of the first two FANY, Lise de Baissac and Andree Borrel, parachuting behind enemy lines in 1942.  Lise de Baissac and Andree Borrel were recruited as SOE (Special Operations Executive), coordinating several assignments including sabotage missions, weapons drops, and establishing landing sites for other agents. Their actions made a huge contribution to the War effort, and supported the British and French resistance in occupied France.

Ahead of the service Kath Gale completed her charity cycle of 400miles from Beaulieu in the New Forest, one of the SOE finishing schools, to Valencay recognising the work of our former members and 104 SOE members who gave their lives. You can support Kath’s fundraising here.

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