Remembering Yvonne Rudellat

Today we remember with pride, Yvonne Rudellat, code name ‘Jacqueline’.

On a dark night on 30 July 1942, eighty years ago, Yvonne Rudellat waded ashore near Cannes after a long, hazardous journey from England by plane and small boat. She was the first FANY infiltrated into France by SOE. From there she made her way to the Loire to join the Prosper network; sabotage, courier, parachutage reception, including FANYs Andrée Borrell and Lise de Baissac two months later.

After nearly a year in the field, she was captured, along with two newly arrived SOE agents, after a shootout at a roadblock. Wounded in the head, she spent months in French hospitals before being sent to Ravensbrück. In early 1945 she was transferred to Bergen Belsen where she died of typhoid just days after its liberation by the British Army.

She was recommended for the MC, refused because she was female. She has a posthumous MBE, CdeG and Médailles de la Résistance.

Read more about the FANY and the SOE here.

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