Remembering Christine Granville

On this day, the Corps remembers with pride FANY Christine Granville (Krystyna Skarbek) OBE GM CdeG, SOE agent, who died, murdered, in a London hotel, on 15th June 1952. Born and brought up in Poland, she reached London after the Nazi invasion.

She was the first female agent in the field, and one of the most successful, operating in Poland, Hungary, Syria and Egypt.

For her final mission, code name Pauline, she parachuted into Southern France on 6 July 1944 to join Francis Cammaerts’ Jockey circuit, which was organizing extensive supply drops to support the planned Allied invasion.

After he and two fellow SOE agents were captured, Granville singlehandedly rescued them from execution. She was killed by an obsessed admirer in the lobby of the Shelbourne Hotel where she was living.

Now the Lexham Gardens Hotel, a blue plaque will be erected there by English Heritage later this year.

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