Volunteers Week 2020 - supporting NHS NIghtingale

The Corps is very proud to have worked alongside the NHS and the British Army to transform the ExCel Centre into the NHS Nightingale Hospital, London, as part of the UK response to COVID-19.

The Corps first helped set up and staff hospitals during the First World War, and it was a privilege to be involved in this operation. 67 FANYs volunteered to assist at the Hospital and one of them – Rosie – has shared her thoughts on her involvement:

“I worked as part of the Family Support and Liaison Team for three days making daily phone calls to families whose loved one had been transferred to the Nightingale Hospital London. What families really wanted to do was to speak to or see their relative and, whilst it was so hard to tell them that this wasn't possible, we were able to write down messages of love and support.  These messages were given to the clinical team on the ward, who would read them out to the patient.

The Family Support and Liaison Team welcomed us on their shifts with such kindness and patience that it really helped when getting to grips with a new role and unfamiliar processes.”

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