HM The Queen’s 90th Birthday

In 1937, the Government wanted the FANY to become part of an all-embracing women’s service, providing supply drivers, cooks and clerks for the Army and RAF. Part of the Corps therefore joined with the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) Motor Driver Companies. The Corps subsequently changed its title to WTS [Women’s Transport Service] (FANY). Also around this time, the London-based FANY ATS motor companies were instructed by the War Office to set up a Driver Training Centre at Camberley. They were allowed to wear the FANY flash on their ATS uniform sleeves.


In the spring of 1945 Princess Elizabeth trained at Camberley as a driver and in motor mechanics with the ATS.  During the first three weeks of training, Princess Elizabeth received driving lessons in Windsor Great Park and went through the complete training of an ATS driver.  Princess Elizabeth became the twelfth member of a senior NCOs class and took maintenance, map-reading and ATS Administration.  In the words of the FANY Commanding Officer at the time, Commandant Maud MacLellan “The King and Queen and the Princess herself insisted there should be no privileges for her.  She was to be treated as a junior officer.  As such, she called me Ma’am and was ever ready to open a door for me and do other little services.  She was there as a junior officer – no more, no less.”



Photographs of Princess Elizabeth training on vehicle mechanics and Princess Elizabeth with the instructing staff including Commandant Maud MacLellan.

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