Volunteers Week 2020 - supporting the North London Coroner

The FANY (PRVC) provided essential call handling, data management and administrative support to the North London and Westminster Coroners' offices as part of the Covid-19 response. This volunteer support built on a long-term relationship for the Corps, who on occasion also provide a personal Aide de Camp to the Coroner in crisis situations.

Andrew Walker, North London Coroner, highlighted the work they have been doing, saying, “The team have offered invaluable admin support and help to members of staff at this pressured time.” He went on to say he would like “to pass his personal thanks to the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry volunteers who have been deployed to the Court. Once again, in a time of national crisis, the volunteers have worked as part of the Enquiries Team undertaking vital work to keep the Coroner's service going. It is at times like this that the true value of the work they undertake can be seen. Thank you again.”

Louisa provided support to the North London Coroner, and shared these thoughts about volunteering:

“My first experience volunteering with the Coroner’s was certainly an eye opening one. We all know how important it is to fully understand the circumstances surrounding the loss of a loved one and to be able to lay them to rest and say goodbye sooner rather than later. I could see immediately how important it was for the team who were working tirelessly to ensure that the healing process could begin as soon as possible.

“It was remarkable to see how quickly the families were called once I had finished and returned a report. A small update to let them know that the necessary paperwork is being done and hopefully bringing them a little closer to the next step of the all-important arrangements for saying goodbye and making peace.”

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