FANY provide loggist support for the City of London Police

The FANY (PRVC) is providing extra resilience and bandwidth to the City of London Police (CoLP) COVID-19 response with daily loggist support.

An essential part of crisis management, logs may be used as evidence in any future review or legal proceedings. Logging is one of the core skills that FANY volunteers specialise in. Loggists support key management roles by recording information received, when decisions were made, and actions taken in real time.

CoLP Senior Police Staff Manager, Melissa Dark said "The logging and admin support the FANY have provided has been invaluable."

Corps members are security cleared and trained to provide 24/7 rapid multi-faceted response teams to support civil and military authorities in times of crisis.

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First Military Medals awarded to the FANY

On the night of 18th May 1918, members of the St Omer Convoy were called out to evacuate patients after a bombing raid had hit a local ammunition dump. During the evacuation there was a second wave of bombing but the FANYs and VADs who formed the Convoy, refused to take cover and continued transporting patients.

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Our support to fighting Covid-19

It was our privilege to to play a part in the fight against Covid-19. Over the past 100 years, our role has moved away from nursing, but compassion remains key to what we do.

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Dedication of the FANY War Memorial

On the eve of VE Day 75 we remember the unveiling of the FANY memorial plaque to its war dead. On it were inscribed the names of 52 FANYs who had died on duty overseas and in the UK during the Second World War. For some, those lost at sea or murdered in concentration camps and with unknown graves, it was their first commemorative recognition.

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