The FANY in Peace and War

Author: Hugh Popham
Publiser: Pen and Sword Books, [2003]
ISBN: 0850529344

After an eccentric beginning, the FANY has proven time and time again to anticipate what their use might be in the event of war or sudden civil crisis. Todays streamlined and efficient Corps has evolved into an independent voluntary organisation, that delivers a vital service to military and civilian organisations.

FANY Invicta

Author: Irene Ward
Publiser: Hutchinson, [1955]

Irene Ward captures the public service spirit of the FANY with a compilation of true and inspiring stories from the First and Second World Wars.

Fanny Goes to War

Author: Pat Beauchamp
Publiser: Diggory Press, [1919]
ISBN: 978-1-90536-305

This is a personal account by Pat Beauchamp, who served with the Corps during the First World War. She lost a leg in action and received a Croix de Guerre for her bravery.


War Girls: The First Aid Nursing Yeomanry in the Great War

Author: Professor Janet Lee
Publiser: Manchester University Press, [2005]
ISBN: 0-7190-6712-X

Professor Lee captures the ground-breaking work of the Corps during the First World War. Lee's treatise on "wartime renegotiations of gender" explores the case histories of Corps members alongside feminist theory. The book demonstrates how these independent women overcame the constraints of Edwardian society, and why they assimilated back into society after the Armistice.

Nancy Wake

Author: Peter Fitzsimons
Publiser: Imprint: HarperCollins Entertainment, [2002]
ISBN: 0007144016

Nancy Wake used her high-society life in pre-war Marseilles to provide an effective escape network for Allied soldiers. Named the "White Mouse" for successfully evading Gestapo traps Nancy was eventually forced to retreat to England where she trained with the Special Operations Executive (SOE). Wake parachuted back behind enemy lines to help lead a powerful resistance force. On one occasion she cycled 400km through German checkpoints and across a mountain range to find a new transmitting radio. Wake is one of the most decorated members of the Corps.

Code Name: Lise

Author: Larry Loftis
Publiser: Mirror Books, [2020]
ISBN: 1912624710

Odette Sampson's status as the Second World War's most decorated spy is examined by Larry Loftis. Sampson was fluent in french and a mother of three who worked in occupied France. She was captured, tortured and survived. Sampson married her fellow agent and commanding officer Peter Churchill.

Violette Szabo: The Life That I Have

Author: Susan Ottaway
Publiser: Pen and Sword Books, [2002]
ISBN: 0850527805

This biography about Violette Szabo traces the path of a young mother who volunteered for the SOE. The book captures the journey Szabo made from arduous training to being parachuted into Nazi-occupied France. Captured by the Germans she was tortured and shot in Ravensbruck Concentration Camp, aged only 23 years old. Inevitably fact and fiction have become confused in the past, but this well researched biography reveals the truth behind this remarkable woman.

Young, Brave and Beautiful

Author: Tania Szabo
Publiser: Chanel Island Publishing
ISBN: 1-905095-20-1

Tania Szabo retraces each step of her mother's missions into the most dangerous zones of occupied France. Flashbacks provide insight into how Lieutenant Violette Szabo, GC became such a capable agent.

Spy Princess: The Life of Noor Inayat Khan

Author: Shrabani Basu
Publiser: The History Press, [2006]
ISBN: 978-0-7509-5056

This is the riveting story of Noor Inayat Khan, a descendant of the Indian Prince Tipu Sultan (the Tiger of Mysore). Khan was one of only three women SOE agents who were awarded the George Cross. After being captured by the Nazis she revealed nothing, not even her real name, despite being tortured. She was taken to Dachau concentration camp and, on 13th September 1944, she was shot. Her last word was "Liberté".

The Spy Who Loved

Author: Claire Mulley
Publiser: Pan, [2013]
ISBN: 1447201183

The Spy who Loved covers the life of Polish national Christine Granville (Krystyna Skarbek) OBE GM Cde. This is one of Britain's bravest female wartime heroes who survived capture only to be murdered in a London hotel in 1952 by an obsessed colleague.

In Obedience to Instructions

Author: Margaret Pawley
Publiser: Leo Cooper, an imprint of Pen and Sword Books, [1999]
ISBN: 0850526337

Margaret Pawley details the vital work that the FANY performed in supporting the Special Operation Executive's (SOE) operations in the Mediterranean theatre. Pawley draws on her own experience, as well as those of her FANY and SOE colleagues, highlighting the work of hitherto unsung heroes and heroines.

The Women Who Lived for Danger

Author: Marcus Binney
Publiser: Coronet, [2003]
ISBN: 0340818409

At the height of the Second World War, 37 female Special Operations Executive (SOE) agents were dropped into Occupied France to "Set Europe Ablaze." This book examines the undercover operations of 8 of these women who were involved in essential Resistance work.  

Moondrop to Gascony

Author: Anne-Marie Walters
Publiser: Originally by Macmillan & Co Ltd [1946]. This edition published in Great Britain by Moho Books [2009].
ISBN: 978-0-9557208-1

On a cold, moonlit night in January 1944, Anne-Marie Walters, just 20 years old, parachuted into southwest France to work with the Resistance in preparation for the long-awaited Allied invasion. Over the next 7 months Walters criss-crossed the region, carrying messages, delivering explosives, arranging the escape of downed airmen and receiving parachute drops of arms and personnel at dead of night – living in constant fear of capture and torture by the Gestapo. 

Walters wrote Moondrop to Gascony immediately after the war, while the events were still vivid in her mind. For this new edition, David Hewson, adds biographical details for the main characters, identifies the real people behind the pseudonyms and provides background notes. 

A Life in Secrets: The Story of Vera Atkins and SOE's Lost Agents of SOE

A Life in Secrets: The Story of Vera Atkins and SOE's Lost Agents

Author: Sarah Helm
Publiser: Abacus, [2006]
ISBN: 0349119368

During the Second World War the Special Operations Executive (SOE) French Section sent more than 400 agents into Occupied France. Approximately a quarter of these agents never returned after the war and 12 of these were women who died in German concentration camps. A Life in Secrets vividly reconstructs Vera Atkins pledge to find them.  

Memories of an SOE Historian

Author: M R D Foot
Publiser: Pen & Sword Military
ISBN: 978-184415849-2

Michael (MRD) Foot authored the first history of Special Operations Executive (SOE) operations in France and later the highly sensitive accounts of SOE operations in Belgium and Holland (which the Germans infiltrated with disastrous results). With his own war service background and academic reputation Foot was fearless in pursuit of the truth and in thwarting bureaucratic attempts to muzzle him. 

Corsets to Camouflage: Women and War

Author: Kate Adie
Publiser: Coronet, [2003]
ISBN: 978-0-340-82060

This book, in association with the Imperial War Museum, looks at how far women serving in the military have come in the last 100 years. We are taken on a journey from restricted corsets during the First World War, to the many contemporary roles women can fulfill in warfare whilst wearing camouflage.

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