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Camp Weekend

Posted: 2008-08-08 00:00:00 - Last updated: 2008-08-08 00:00:00

On this auspicious date, Bletchley Park, home of the code-breakers, welcomed 40 FANYs at the start of their training weekend. They heard about and marvelled at the genius of the wartime cryptographers and mathematicians working on the famous Enigma; they mumbled incoherently as they tried to comprehend how exactly the bombes were managing to find the key and how Colossus was processing the data without any memory banks.

They were amused, but not surprised, at the idea of rigging a document tray to be pushed between hut windows by broom handle, to save running outside in the winter. Just the sort of thing a FANY might have organised.

Delighted to find reference to the Corps in the newly refurbished hut, several members enhanced other visitors' tours with additional information. The quote from Gubbins was not a familiar one - but will now be added to our favourites. A choice between the shop or a sit-down and tea (or both if you hurried) made a pleasant end to the visit. Day one of a great week-end, which just kept on getting better.