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Norway 2008

Posted: 2008-07-06 00:00:00 - Last updated: 2008-07-06 00:00:00

There were nine FANYs who left for Norway on 6 July 2008 to follow in the footsteps of The Heroes of Telemark. The mission that they had chosen to accept was to investigate the footsteps of their Norwegian SOE forebears who had skied from a plateau into a valley and up a gorge to destroy a heavy water plant at Vemork. To avoid the excesses of cross country skiing we decided to do this in July rather than February.

We left London drizzle arriving in Oslo rain where we visited the Norwegian Resistance Museum before getting the coach to Rjukan where we settled into our cabin accommodation for most of the week. However, we slept out under the stars and fir trees, avoiding midges in true saboteur style before taking to their route with our guide on Wednesday morning which allowed us to reflect on the incredible achievement of The Heroes of Telemark.

Thursday took us up Gaustatoppen mountain, climbing 700m to the top where a waffle café awaited. Here, so clear was the day, we could see 20% of Norway from the summit.

Friday we took to the disused railway down to the lake on tricycles! The sister ship of the bombed ferry still moored there. We then left our beautiful cabins to return to Oslo and home, having had a fantastic week